A breath of fresh air

Southside Virginia isn’t lacking when it comes to opportunities for nature lovers. Danville offers over 680 acres of parks and trails, an abundance of athletic fields, playgrounds, picnic sites and shelters, many miles of mountain bike trails hiking trails, a skate park, a dog park, 2 disc-golf courses, a ropes course, a zip line, and a wide array options to experience the Dan River.

With the summer in full swing, we take a look the natural side of Southside.

Perhaps one of the most accessible and fastest growing attractions Danville has to offer for nature enthusiasts is the Riverwalk Trail, which extends over 9 miles along the historic Dan River. The multi-purpose greenway connects 4 parks to multiple businesses, public facilities, and the newly renovated River District. Home to an array of special events, foot races, and undisturbed wildlife, the trail sees over 150,000 people annually.

The Riverwalk Trail plays an important part in the health, wellness, and social aspects of Danville. Many people use this trail as part of their everyday routine while many more travel from around the region to enjoy all it has to offer on the weekends.

The Trail is home to picnickers, parents with strollers, bicyclists,
runners, walkers, dog lovers, and the list goes on. But, The Riverwalk isn’t the only outlet for outdoor activities in Danville. On any given day, the playgrounds at Dan Daniel, Ballou Park, Pumpkin Creek, and Grove Park are bursting at the seams with families enjoying the open space. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Danville has been named a Playful City USA since 2007.