Spotlight on the Old West End

The Old West End was built on the values of elegance, living of the highest quality, and the finest of architectures. To this day, those values still live and project themselves into the streets where this historical district resides. The city of Danville still finds itself with jaws dropped in awe at the beauty that The Old West End radiates. The massive homes overwhelm those whose eyes find themselves laying upon the Victorian and Edwardian style of architecture. Those who have now created a life of their own in this area, find themselves at the same nearby businesses as those who lived their prior. All the aspects that made The Old West End a comfortable, favorable community from the day of its existence, have stood the test of time, making it just as comfortable and just as favorable a community today. The buildings of the Old West End are all the same bloodline, yet they each possess a different compilation of DNA, giving them a connection that is impossible to separate and incomprehensible unless experienced. Those who uphold their life in this community today understand this undeniable connection. It is this connection that makes The Old West End so desirable for current residents, and residents to come. The community clings to the way in which it was established. The Old West End possesses a sense of familiarity to all who pass through, due to the seeming
indestructibility of all the constructions that color the district. The proof of indestructibility lies within the activity of the Midtown
Market that has been in business since 1921, many of the houses of worship that have had active congregations since their foundation, some as early as the late nineteenth century, and all the aged homes that still provide a livelihood for those who so desire. Many sources of entertainment are also rich in history, such as The Danville Museum of Fine Art and History, The Langhorne House Museum, the Main Line Trolley, and Millionaires’ Row. Even new
editions such as, Crema and Vine, of Old West End are tainted in that history that is so appreciated in this area. The Old West End is an area rich in history and rich in contributors who intend to
preserve this history, making it a community that gives back to those who give to it, and ultimately, a desirable community for one to call home.

Presently, there is a buzz surrounding the Old West End created by Danville’s forward-thinking use of blight-eradication funds as well as the Friends of the Old West End for its volunteer efforts to
revitalize the neighborhood. If you’re looking for rich history with
affordability and amenities the Old West End is an excellent
starting point. For more information, including homes for sale, more comforts, and resident videos visit the Old West End.