The Riverwalk

Nature takes center stage at Danville’s Riverwalk Trail. This 8.5 mile paved trail is a focal point when mentioning the many attractions Danville has to offer. Nestled along the Dan River, the scenic Riverwalk Trail provides a beautiful backdrop for exercise, “me” time, or family fun.

The preferred starting point is at the Crossing of the Dan entrance in downtown Danville.  Here you’ll get a glimpse of Danville’s storied past through the architecture of the renovated tobacco warehouses and the Amtrak Station located near the Danville Science Center. History comes to life as you cross a revived 1856 railroad bridge that overlooks the Dan River. Once across the bridge you have the option of going west or east. If you follow the trail to the left (west) you’ll reach a scenic view courtesy of Union Street Bridge. If you travel the eastern side of the trail, you’ll bear witness to nature in all its glory including a variety of wildlife.

 Clocking in at over 30 miles, Angler’s Ridge is a series of stacked-loop trails that offer something to all riders – from novice to pro. Skill level is taken into consideration when building trails. For beginners, the Riverside Drive trail is perfect. For more advanced riders, there are trails such as, Witchback with an 891-foot elevation change. 

Angler’s Ridge earned national recognition after being named the number one bike trail system in Virginia and one of the top 25 in the world by  The trails aren’t solely for biking, hikers and trail runners love the challenging terrain, set against a beautiful, natural backdrop of wooded hillsides and creeks just as well.

Parking for the Riverwalk Trail is Available at the Following Trailheads: Crossing at the Dan,  Dan Daniel Park, Angler’s Park

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